Good Guy Bethesda Gives Fallout 76 Players Their Hacked Loot Back

Bethesda Softworks has found a way to negate the damage caused by hackers related to loot in Fallout 76.

A few days ago, it came to light that the controversial, Bethesda title, Fallout 76 was plagued by a new hack. Bethesda found itself in another messy situation caused by hackers who were stripping players of their loot and leaving them in their underwear, literally.

Players began to find out that this hack allows the cheaters to steal everything that they had in their inventory except the items in their stash. The private servers were safe from the hackers but the players in the public servers suffered the consequences.

Bethesda managed to subdue the Fallout 76 hackers in due time but failed to get back the items that were stolen from the players. A player on Reddit by the name of JedediahJedi made a post on suggesting that their stolen items had been restored but it didn’t happen in a usual way.

The solution that Bethesda came up with involved duplicating the affected players’ characters before they were robbed of their items. The players will be able to take control of this newly modified character or they could choose to just take the inventory items and use them with their current character.

Some of them received 8,250 atoms which have a value of around 70 USD. Some of the players that were affected by the Fallout 76 hackers received a complimentary subscription to Fallout 1st accompanied by 5000 atoms.

Bethesda believes that the hack made its way into the game through some scripted mods. Such mods include the script that Bethesda used to add NPCs to Fallout 76.

The Fallout 76 hack proved to be another one of a long list of bumps, in the road, for Bethesda. At least, they made efforts to get the players their loot back and compensate the players for their trouble through refunds. However, given the track record of Bethesda with Fallout 76, no one smooth sailing anytime soon.

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