Street Fighter 5 Switch Port Is Not Real, Says Yoshinori Ono

Video game leaks will always have one deadly weakness: the truth. That’s especially true for a recent leak talking about a Street Fighter 5 Switch port, which was confirmed as untrue today by Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter. The “leak” came from EB Games Canada’s Twitter account on Saturday.

Considering that EVO Japan was taking place at the same time, one might think that EB Games simply jumped the gun somewhat on an announcement. However, no such announcement was forthcoming at EVO, where normally announcements concerning fighting games are made at various points throughout the event.

Street Fighter games are known for being ported to a wide variety of different platforms, but it appears that the Nintendo Switch isn’t going to be one of those yet, especially when the game has only been ported to PC and Playstation 4 so far, and will likely continue to be exclusive to those for some time to come.

While Street Fighter 5 has been light on ports since its original release back in 2016, two different editions have since been released. These include Arcade Edition (which added the game’s much-anticipated Arcade Mode) in 2018, and Championship Edition, which will be releasing on Valentine’s Day this year.

Each of these new editions contains new content, with Championship Edition including revised gameplay, every fighter, stage, and most of the costumes as well. It might be that Capcom is holding off on porting in order to make sure the game is perfect on its current platforms, hence why there’s no Street Fighter 5 Switch port.

While we might end up hearing about a Switch port at some time in the future, the decision remains up to Capcom to make, and there’s always the possibility that we won’t get a port on the Nintendo Switch at all. Hopefully Capcom will be on top of their game so that when a Street Fighter 5 Switch port actually does come, we’ll have someone around to officially confirm it.