Stadia Owners Want Answers After Google’s Month-Long Silence

Google has gone dark after releasing Stadia, as well as making a ton of promises to the consumers, just over a couple of months ago.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, one particular subscriber of the cloud gaming service expressed great disappointment in how Stadia has gone over 40 days without any announcement or update despite being out for nearly 70 days. With the subscription-renewal date fast approaching, a call to arms has been made to unite the community and demand answers from Google that can inspire more confidence in the product as well as confirm just what the company plans to do with Stadia down the road.

Now that everyone’s renewal date is approaching, I think it’s time we outline the issues and attempt to get some sort of response from the Google team that inspires more confidence than what we’ve seen so far.

Many fear that the project is already dead, or being kept alive by a thread at the very least. The daily updates promised by Google went to weekly updates and now look to be scrapped for bi-monthly updates. Google has still not revealed the 120 games coming to Stadia. Browser-support for 4K resolution is still supposedly months away, as well as “true” wireless controller functionality which was originally advertised. Google has also not made any mention of iOS or features like family sharing. Also, Pixel remains the only Android smartphone with full Stadia functionality, something else Google promised to address soon.

Suffice to say, the silent treatment is now getting to Stadia-owners, particularly those who opted for a $130 buy-in at the start. Users are feeling ignored and in the present situation, many believe that if Google wants them to keep enduring the pre-release phase, the subscription period should also be extended (or doubled) since Stadia Pro has nothing to offer right now.

Stadia was greatly hyped as a premium cloud gaming service with the capability to stream in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. However, in addition to those said features, Stadia fell short in terms of content as well. Google did relay beforehand that the service would launch without some features but the month-long silence was something not expected. Stadia-owners want an update on everything that Google is working on right now so that they are well-informed about what Stadia is shaping up to be behind closed doors.

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