NBA 2K20 Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s tragic death has marked a day of sorrow in the history of sports. The deceased NBA legend has received condolences from all over the world. Following the tragedy of Kobe, NBA 2K20 has also paid a tribute to him.

Following the death of The Black Mamba, the game now shows a picture upon start. The picture has a black background, with Kobe Bryant’s side-pose. The right part of the picture lists Kobe’s name and life span. NBA 2K20’s twitter account had following to say about the Legend’s demise:

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash on January 26th. He was traveling in his private helicopter with his daughter and 7 other people. All 9 passengers passed away in the crash. Several celebrities and sports stars showed their grievance over the loss.

NBA 2K20 players also expressed sorrow over Kobe Bryant’s passing over. The players gathered up at common places. All of them wore yellow Lakers jerseys of Kobe. Players also played games together wearing the same outfit and showed cross-arm emotes.

National Basketball Association (NBA) also expressed grief over Kobe Bryant’s demise. The professional athletes paid tribute by carrying out 24-second and 8-second violations. The violations were done just before the start of the match. NBA has canceled some of the matches of today, in the memory of the aggrieved. May his soul rest in peace.

As for the game itself,NBA 2K20 has just received a new update. The new update has fixed the VC bug. The bug enabled gamers to get more VC without paying for it. After the fix, gamers had their VCs reduced. The Duo overlay will now show badge upgrades in MyTeam. Button latency has been reduced. And, fixed issue of players walking into the courts in some neighborhood games.

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