Playstation Europe Removes “It’s Time To Play” Slogan From Twitter Bio

The official Playstation Europe Twitter account has removed the phrase “It’s time to play” from their bio, leading to speculation on whether the phrase actually is the official phrase of the Playstation 5. Whether this means Sony’s keeping it on the download or the phrase has been changed remains to be seen.

The Playstation 5 hasn’t actually been officially revealed yet, and only a leak has shown us what the console’s dev kits look like. However, since both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are supposed to be coming out in the holidays of this year, there’s not much time left for Playstation to reveal them.

While an actual reveal event will supposedly be coming in February, Playstation has made no effort to announce such a thing yet, casting doubt on whether it will happen. The company may be biding its time until Microsoft truly shows off the console at E3 2020, but Sony isn’t going to E3 either.

When the Xbox One and Playstation 4 were coming out, Playstation waited until Microsoft had had their own presentation on the Xbox One (and rapidly run its name into the ground with a series of privacy-intruding mechanics that infuriated gamers) to announce the Playstation 4, so this might be a similar strategy.

Companies changing something’s slogan before it releases isn’t exactly a new thing, so having Playstation Europe remove the alleged Playstation 5 slogan from its bio on Twitter isn’t unprecedented. Though we don’t know what Sony will be replacing it with either, if they’ve chosen to change it at all.

All we can do at this point is wait on Playstation to actually show us the Playstation 5, what games will be on it, and what it can do. While each of those have gotten numerous hints over the past several months, there’s no telling when we’ll get anything concrete, and Playstation Europe and its decision to remove the slogan just adds to the mystery.