Blitzchung Says Blizzard Never Apologized For Banning Him From Hearthstone

You might remember Blizzard’s biggest controversy from last year, when they banned Hearthstone championship player Blitzchung from participating in a future tournament and confiscating his winnings for speaking out in support of the Hong Kong protests. Now, the man himself says Blizzard never apologized to him despite what they’d promised.

The entire story begins last year at the end of a Hearthstone tournament held in Taiwan. The winning player, Ng Wai Chung (also known as Blitzchung), would later say in a post-match interview that he supported the Hong Kong protests, which are currently still ongoing in the city despite crackdowns by the government.

Blizzard responded to the interview by stripping him of his title, his winnings, banning him from participating in next year’s tournament, and also suspending him from playing the game competitively for six months. This caused an enormous uproar from the rest of the gaming community, who thought Blizzard was kowtowing to China to prevent losing out on money.

China contains a significant amount of Blizzard’s player base, with millions inside the country playing World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and other games. The company also is partially owned by China’s biggest game publisher Tencent, adding another layer to its reasoning.

Despite Blizzard responding to the outrage by revoking a large amount of Blitzchung’s various punishments, the pro said that he was still somewhat disappointed in Blizzard, though he can understand their reasoning behind why they reacted the way that they did.

Chung, a Hong Kong native, has a personal stake in the protests as well, but did make a comparison to both Blizzard and the protests, saying that he didn’t know if they were getting worse or not, but that he still supported them in his own way.

Blitzchung also said that he didn’t really need an actual apology, but did say that actions would speak louder than words.