Stardew Valley Sales Hit Ten Million Across The World After Four Years

Pretty much every gamer knows about Stardew Valley, the oddly addictive farming simulator game that’s swept the world by storm since it first released in 2016. Just today, developer Sickhead Games announced that Stardew Valley sales have hit ten million across the entire world and across every platform in the game.

Stardew Valley is a fairly low-key game, mainly intended as a zen repetition game. Players quit their stifling corporate job to move out to the small town of Pelican Bay, where they inherit their grandfather’s farmhouse.

From there, it’s your responsibility to cut down trees, till the land, grow crops, tend animals, and sell your hard-earned work to the locals through the local general store. Along with that, you can also fish or go dungeon-crawling.

Alongside the repetitive yet soothing gameplay are a cast of colorful characters and multiple story threads that players can often have an impact on, even resulting in the player getting married to one of the many characters throughout the town.

The game was pretty much an immediate success when it came out, and over the rest of its life has earned all of those Stardew Valley sales by adding in things like cooperative play and more throughout its robust update schedule, including (but not limited to) horses wearing sombreros.

The game has also been ported to a large number of different platforms, starting out on the PC but then branching out to other consoles like the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch, and even eventually finding its way to mobile devices.

Currently the game is 33% off on Steam, bringing it under ten dollars (or your regional equivalent). So if you’re wanting to add to the millions of Stardew Valley sales, you can get on Steam right now and buy it if you want to take part in the experience.