Rank-Reset Error Hits Modern Warfare Players

Modern Warfare received an update last night that brought some players face to face with a pretty frightening in-game notification. For unknown reasons, players were told that their data has been corrupted and their progression (ranks and unlocks) must now be completely reset.

Those who did accept the error message had their Modern Warfare stats related to leaderboards, combat records, custom classes, and operators wiped clean. Things like rank, experience, and weapon progression were untouched — thankfully.

Infinity Ward was quick to acknowledge the issue. Modern Warfare players have been advised against selecting either of the two options when presented with the data-corruption error. The developer has confirmed that an investigation is ongoing and players should “hard close” the game when facing the error prompt. More updates regarding the issue have been promised to arrive soon.

The Modern Warfare community is naturally not too pleased. The patch from last night was actually delayed to pass through quality assurance and other related quality checkpoints. Such an issue should have been picked up before the update went live. For now, players are worried about their hard-earned progression in Modern Warfare and rightfully so. However, the situation is not that bleak. If warranted, Infinity Ward will be conducting a worldwide rollback before the error began popping up. In the meanwhile, players are free to play the game but with the understanding that any progress made in these few days may be reset down the line.

Elsewhere, the new business model of Modern Warfare has worked beautifully for Activision. Based on an earlier report, the game generated a 4-percent higher revenue during the launch quarter than Black Ops 4 for the same period. The important thing to note here is that purchasable in-game content was made available in Modern Warfare in December, about three months after release. Even then, players spent nearly $78.7 million in one month, as much as the amount spent in Black Ops 4 for the entire first quarter which came to be nearly $92.9 million.

Modern Warfare is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those interested in getting a battle pass can browse through this nifty guide to know how to level up faster and hence, earn those progression rewards quicker than the rest.

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