Modern Warfare Beats Black Ops 4 In Q1 Digital Earnings

The recent release of Modern Warfare saw Activision take a huge gamble by walking out of a decade-old comfort zone. The publisher opted for a more transparent and all-inclusive approach by ditching season passes, expansion packs, add-ons, and loot boxes that were a crucial part of past installments in the franchise. Players loved what Activision was offering and thankfully, the new business model has worked wonderfully for the publisher as well.

According to a new report submitted by market watchers SuperData earlier today, Modern Warfare generated a 4-percent higher revenue during the launch quarter than Black Ops 4 for the same period. The important thing to note here is that purchasable in-game content was made available in Modern Warfare in December, about three months after release. Even then, players spent nearly $78.7 million in one month, as much as the amount spent in Black Ops 4 for the entire first quarter which came to be nearly $92.9 million.

Modern Warfare revenue in Q4 2019 was 4% higher than Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII during its launch quarter.

Activision previously noted that having season passes and map packs were dividing the player-base. Hence, Modern Warfare was released to bridge players rather than isolate them based on player-spending. The game still has microtransactions but which mirrors a battle pass system. Players spend once on a seasonal ticket to earn cosmetics rewards as they play through the season. The game gives players a clear indication as to what their hard-earned real-world money will net them, getting rid of any random loot-box mechanisms.

Knowing that the new business model has paid off for Activision, upcoming Call of Duty installments can be expected to follow suit. Suffice to say, the older business model where players were encouraged to spend big on season passess, expansion packs, and an abundance of random loot boxes has been shelved.

Modern Warfare is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Those interested in getting a battle pass can browse through this nifty guide to know how to level up faster and hence, earn those progression rewards quicker than the rest.

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