“Logical” To Push Doom Eternal Onto Next-Gen Consoles

The recent delay of Doom Eternal means that the highly anticipated sequel will be releasing closer to the next-generation consoles. The game was set to arrive last November but will now be seeing the light of day in March — a delay of about four months. With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X tagged for the holiday season, id Software has stated that seeing Doom Eternal run on those powerful machines would be a “logical” expectation.

Speaking with Metro UK in a recent interview, game director Marty Stratton was asked if the developer will be re-releasing Doom Eternal on the next-generation consoles. Stratton revealed that id Software has already been “doing some really awesome stuff” with early development kits provided by Sony and Microsoft.

Doom Eternal is already pushing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the limits, according to the developer. Hence, it would be an existing opportunity for id Software to try have Doom Eternal be “one of the best games” on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well.

We’re at the end of this console cycle, where our team knows this tech really, really well. So it really allowed us to push and get the most out of this hardware. And I’m super excited about what it means for the next hardware.

So we haven’t announced anything, but it’s really exciting. They’re doing some really awesome stuff with that hardware so I think it’s logical that we would push onto that and honestly try to be one of the best games on that platform as well.

The way Stratton worded his response highly suggests that the upcoming sequel will definitely get a re-release on next-generation consoles. As he said, the move would only be “logical” since there are going to be many players who will be directly jumping onto the new consoles. In addition, in the months before the arrival of new consoles, some players tend to restrict their purchases. Hence, id Software would be considering to tap both console generations by releasing Doom Eternal on both console cycles.

Recently, lead engine programmer Billy Khan announced that Doom Eternal is easily the best game ever made by id Software. Thanks to the id Tech 7 engine, the game is not only pushing ten times the geometric detail compared to the last Doom installment but also running buttery smooth. The image quality is also something that will leave players surprised.

In addition, Doom Eternal seems to be heavily optimized. Despite the jump in graphical fidelity, the game will boast smooth combat without any frame-drops, or at least that’s what Khan is claiming. He has marked Doom Eternal as nothing but brilliant and can’t wait for everyone to finally try the game out.

Doom Eternal remains in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also release for Nintendo Switch but at a later date that Id Software will announce when the time is right. In addition, Doom Eternal is also coming to Google Stadia, which remains without a release date as well.

The wait will probably be worth it. The single-player campaign has been confirmed to be somewhat longer than the last installment, estimated to be around 18 to 22 hours and longer for players who love to explore and not rush. Based on rumors, there will be eighteen levels in total.

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