Greedfall Publisher Focus Home Interactive Confirms New Sci-fi Game

Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive are joining forces for a brand new sci-fi game that will be unveiled next month. The partnership will see both parties combine a love for innovative experiences with a deep sci-fi setting.

Focus Home Interactive will be acting as the publisher, having published critically acclaimed games like A Plague Tale: Innocence, GreedFall, and World War Z in the past. Blackbird Interactive on the other hand will be taking on development duties and for those unaware, is already working on the upcoming Homeworld 3 installment, which was announced last year.

“We are delighted to bring Blackbird on board the Focus flagship as we continue to invest in new and innovative games that will delight players for years to come,” stated John Bert, chief operating officer at Focus Home Interactive.

The new sci-fi project is slated to be fully revealed at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 27 next month. According to the press release, Focus Home Interactive will be releasing the game later in the year.

The question of next-generation platforms naturally arises since both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are launching in the holiday season. Whatever Focus Home Interactive has been cooking up behind closed doors could possibly serve as a launch title for either console. That being said, with Homeworld 3 targeting PC only at this time, the upcoming mysterious sci-fi game from Blackbird Interactive may also be for PC as well.

The only thing known for certain right now is that Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive are interested in creating a brand new IP that can return for years to come. Such ambition would do well to keep next-generation platforms in sight.

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