Disco Elysium Update January 23 Is Out, Hardcore Mode And Ultrawide Support

Disco Elysium has received an Update for January 23, 2020. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that Disco Elysium Update January 23 added a new game mode called ‘Hardcore Mode’ and the game now has Ultrawide support. Take note, the developers said that this isn’t meant for first-time detectives who aren’t already familiar with Martinaise.

Disco Elysium is a role-playing and open-world game, developed by Robert Kurvitz of ZA/UM, which invites players to play a detective and proceed with investigations. You as a detective has a range of different skills at your disposal.

The objective is to investigate the different events that take place, interrogating different characters, ruining murders and accepting bribes if the occasion requires it. In this way, players can become a hero or a complete disaster. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Disco Elysium Update January 23.

Today, we’re introducing a new gamemode. This isn’t meant for first-time detectives who aren’t already familiar with Martinaise. If you’re new on the beat, come back after you’ve already enjoyed your time in Revachol. This one’s for officers ready to burn out on a wild ride.

Welcome to Hardcore True Detective mode. The city at the end of the world just got more existential. So, what’s different about Hardcore Mode?

You’re gonna fail more

You’ll fail more. That’s a fact of life in Disco Elysium Hardcore Mode. The difficulty of every Check goes up, bringing your chances of success down. Solving this case without being a Total Disaster Cop is even harder than normal. On the bright side, you’ll have more to be proud of if you do solve the case, even if your dignity got left behind with the Union of Moribund Alcoholics. And the Cuno. And Klaasje. And — well, just take your victories where you can.

You’re gonna be poorer

The pornographically poor people Martinaise have even less money to drop, meaning there’s less for you to pick up. Lining your pockets with that delicious lucre is going to be nigh on impossible. Better get used to picking up every scrap of tare you can find. At least Roy still gives okay deals in his pawnshop, as you sell off your material wealth for a pittance. You’ve always had to hustle to survive. Now you’ve got to hustle more.

You’re gonna get screwed by Big-pharma

What’s more, pharmacutical prices have gone up. That’s right! Failing costs you even more. Not only are your favorite over-the-counter drugs are more expensive — they don’t even heal you as much. Even if you find a forgotten stash in the streets, it won’t be as good. That’s how they get you though, isn’t it? They charge you more for less, and make a killing as you die.

Here you will find the complete details of Disco Elysium Update January 23. I remind you that ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium released on October 15, 2019 for PC.

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