Borderlands 3 Hotfix January 23 Released, Various Bug Fixes

Borderlands 3 has received a Hotfix for January 23, 2020. This patch is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Take note that this is only a server update, there is no need to download or install manually. You will find that Borderlands 3 Hotfix January 23 only addresses a few community reported issues. Something that stands out in this patch is that they increased bonus radiation damage while Gamma Burst is active from 65% to 115%.

Borderlands 3 is the latest installment of the Borderlands first-person action saga, considered the father of looter shooters with an emphasis on MP. The 3rd part leads us again through a galactic adventure full of extravagant characters, epic enemies & duels with exciting bosses, equipped with multiple weapons. Below you will find the complete list of Borderlands 3 Hotfix January 23 patch notes.

This hotfix addresses various concerns reported by the community and some perceived progression blockers! To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that says “Hotfixes Applied”! If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket here.

  • Updated a texture for the Incendiary Badass and Super Badass Varkid.
  • Adjusted the chest rewards at the end of the Proving Grounds to be more rewarding at all tiers of completion.

With more players running the Proving Grounds for dedicated loot drops from the bosses, they noticed the chests not rewarding players as much as they intended in Borderlands 3. They have boosted these chests to reflect the effort players must take to complete the objectives. Completing all of the objectives gives the best Legendary drop rate and scales down accordingly.

  • Increased bonus radiation damage while Gamma Burst is active from 65% to 115%.

The devs are happy to see the response to the boosted Anointment bonuses they released last week. After additional testing, they want to also boost the effects of Gamma Burst anointments for FL4K.

  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker in Borderlands 3 that could occur when the player travels to another map and back to Sanctuary after releasing Tannis during the mission “Sanctuary”.
  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker where players could not speak to Brick during the mission “Hammerlocked” in The Anvil.
  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker where Ember would sometimes not appear to assist the players in various mission steps.

I remind you that Borderlands 3 was on sale since September 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store).

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