Anthem Update 1.62 Released, New Features And Bug Fixes

Anthem has received Update 1.62. You can now download this patch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You will find that Anthem Update 1.62 has new features, and they have made some necessary bug fixes and improvements. Something that stands out in this patch is that Icetide Season has been extended to run through the whole of February 2020.

Anthem is a game developed by Bioware and produced by Electronic Arts. The game is presented as an action RPG where you travel in a huge world that mixes the most advanced technology with the ruins of an ancient civilization, where you will have to fight against numerous enemies, wild beasts and looters and deal with the inclement weather like brutal storms. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Anthem Update 1.62.

New Features

The Freeplay events, Weekly Strongholds, Challenges, and Seasons Store from the Icetide Season has been extended to run through February in Anthem.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

The Anthem developers squashed quite a few pesky bugs and improved here and there. For example, they resolved a problem with the Daily: Contracts challenge where the amount of minor crystal rewarded was incorrect. This challenge will now correctly grant 500 crystals.

  • Reduced the wait time to start Time Trial races from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Tyrant Mine should now be available in the seasonal Icetide challenge rotation.
  • This was supposed to be in with Icetide, however there was an issue that emerged in testing. We didn’t feel comfortable releasing Tyrant Mine until we could fully resolve this issue.
  • Fixed an issue in Anthem where seasonal wreaths were playing their collection sound effect when they spawned into the world incorrectly.
  • Weekly Stronghold challenge completion credit is now correctly tracking based on completed strongholds and not how many players are in the session at the time of completion.
  • The “Soldier’s Reward” inversion is now correctly using its own icon as intended.
  • Fixed an issue in Anthem that was preventing the electric orbs from correctly spawning in the arachnid defense annex in the Tyrant Mine.

Here you will find the complete list of Anthem Update 1.62 patch notes. I remind you that EA and Bioware’s Anthem released on February 22, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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