Leaked Godfall Gameplay Confirmed to be Internal Presentation

Several days ago, a leaker posted a short video of some leaked Godfall gameplay that had apparently, according to a statement from the official Twitter account, come from an internal presentation roughly a year ago. It’s still the only gameplay we’ve gotten from the game since its trailer debuted at he Game Awards.

Godfall is apparently a genre-busting game that turns looter-shooters into looter-slashers, being a melee-focused game where players can team up with their friends and go through various missions to get loot, something like a melee-focused Destiny.

However, despite the impressive trailer, we haven’t heard anything about the game since that trailer came out, and heaven’t seen any gameplay either. But, from what we did see, it looked fairly impressive, though we only got a few seconds to see it.

Godfall apparently revolves around players taking up the role of a member of the Knight’s Order that is attempting to prevent an apocalyptic event. The game supports single player gameplay but also allows three players in a drop-in and drop-out cooperative player mode.

The leaked Godfall gameplay was originally posted on Reddit, but has now been uploaded to YouTube as part of a much longer, roughly minute-long trailer. The trailer in question shows off a variety of environments and also shows a significant amount of combat footage.

Everything looks quite beautiful and polished, especially since the gameplay in that trailer is roughly a year old, so who knows what the game will actually look like when it comes out. Whether it will reach the same popularity as Destiny however, remains to be seen.

There’s already been two attempts to ape the looter-shooter formula of that title, The Division and Anthem, and both have fallen short (Anthem in particular crashing and burning). While Warframe is more in line with Godfall’s own vision, even it still has gunplay, but it’s also a free-to-play game.

You can check out the leaked Godfall gameplay yourself by following this link, and we’ll do our best to keep you updated with more news about the game. The game will come out late this year on Playstation 5 and PC.