ByteDance Mobile Games Will Soon Be Arriving To Your Phones

Many people that use their phones a lot these days are likely familiar with TikTok, the Vine replacement app that has shown to be a great success. Now, according to Bloomberg, ByteDance, the studio behind TikTok, wants to make mobile games. However, what will these ByteDance mobile games be like?

Such a change can be seen as ByteDance wanting to capitalize more on its runaway success. TikTok now has over a billion users worldwide, and with so many users and the resulting profits the company is now building multiple game development studios.

The company plans to release at least two mobile games by the end of this year. While mobile games are less labor-intensive than regular games, putting two out in twelve months is still something of a rush-job. However, the games will apparently be developed by teams of thousands of talented developers.

With its huge amounts of users, ByteDance mobile games might be able to find instant popularity among TikTok’s current users, provided that they can release quality titles that people will want to play like various other mobile games that have come out before. With how well they’ve done despite TikTok only releasing three years ago, they certainly have the money for it.

TikTok being so widespread will also help with promoting said games when they come out, as the app’s enormous userbase provides them with a ready customer pool. However, just because the userbase is huge doesn’t guarantee success.

Facebook, for instance, has been trying to get into the mobile market itself, purchasing the company behind the Oculus Rift and even allowing video game streamers to stream on the platform. While it’s been fairly successful, it’s nothing to write home about.

Hopefully the ByteDance mobile games will end up being announced soon, so that users of TikTok and other interested parties can see what the games will look like.