The Long Dark Hotfix 1.71 Is Live, Art And Gameplay Fixes

The Long Dark has received Hotfix 1.71. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that The Long Dark Hotfix 1.71 addresses several world art issues found in the Bleak Inlet region and resolves several Predator AI and Quality of Life issues. Something that stands out is that they fixed various clipping and floating objects for all regions.

The Long Dark is a survival game. Here you will have to survive in a hostile environment set in the forested areas of northern Canada, so you will have to control your vital signs and satisfy your most basic and primary needs, such as hunger, thirst or fatigue. It features both a Classic Survival Mode and a more narrative focused called Story Mode. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding The Long Dark Hotfix 1.71.

General Art Fixes

A few general art issues with the environment and lighting were found in The Long Dark, but the devs at Hinterland squashed these pesky bugs.

  • [Enviro] All Regions – Fixed numerous areas where the Player could become stuck.
  • [Enviro] All Regions – Additional pass for locations where the Player could get outside of the intended play area.
  • [Enviro] All Regions – Fixed various clipping and floating objects.
  • [Enviro] All Regions – Fixed numerous texture pop, stretch and flickering issues.
  • [Enviro] Windows will no longer glow during the night.
  • [Enviro] Fixed an issue that caused Players to teleport, if they fell off the rope climb in Bleak Inlet.
  • [Enviro] All Regions – Fixed a variety of floating and clipping objects.
  • [Lighting] Fixed an issue that caused corrupted lighting to appear on various objects in the world.


As you can see below, the gameplay’s artificial intelligence and The Long Dark’s gameplay itself received quite a lot of fixes. For example, Timberwolves will now only pick valid locations to wander to, preventing them from becoming stuck as it happened with a few users before.

  • [AI] Stags now animate correctly after being felled by a Wolf.
  • [AI] Fixed an issue that allowed Timberwolves to become hostile, regardless of game mode settings.
  • [AI] Fixed an issue that could cause Wildlife to slide under certain terrain, such as ice and steep hills.
  • [AI] Polished Stag and Wolf animations and transitions.
  • [AI] Wolves will no longer attack immediately after completing a Crafting or Harvesting action, while near a fire.
  • [Gameplay] Updated the location count for Faithful Cartographer to include missing Mountain Town locations.
  • [Gameplay] Interrupted Progress made while repairing an item with the Milling Machine is now saved as progress, instead of repaired condition.
  • [Gameplay] When reloading a Revolver in a vehicle, the casings now stay in the car.
  • [Gameplay] Lost and Found Box added to Bleak Inlet.
  • [Gameplay] Stags now check for collision when falling after death, to avoid falling into objects.

If you encounter any issues while playing, please visit their Support Portal. Here you will find the complete list of The Long Dark Hotfix 1.71 patch notes. I remind you that Hinterland Studio’s The Long Dark released on August 1, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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