Slay The Spire Patch 2 Hotfix Is Out, New Branch And Bug Fixes

Slay The Spire has received hotfixes for Patch 2. You can now download these hotfixes on PC. You will find that Slay The Spire Patch 2 Hotfix adds a new branch, they fixed some bugs, updated some translations, and more. Something that stands out is that they updated the Fasting and Pressure Points power icons with suggestions from the community.

This is a video game that deals with combining the collectible card games with the roguelike component and the adventures of the role-playing genre. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Slay The Spire Patch 2 Hotfix.

Libgdx199 Version for Main Branch

The devs have added a separate branch “libgdx199.main”. This is the updated engine version of Slay the Spire using the main branch save files. The other libgdx199 branch utilizes your beta save files. This version is incompatible with some older devices; this may be preferred for some users as it comes with a few features, fixes, and performance improvements.

  • Mapping support for much more controllers. Such as the Steam controller.
  • Improved display resolution recognition, preventing an annoying screen offset bug.
  • Screenshake support for non 16:9 resolutions.
  • Multi-monitor support, pick which monitor you want Slay the Spire to use from the Settings.


Previously, fighting the Act 4 boss in Slay The Spire was not possible unless you cleared a standard run. As this is not the case with the Watcher, some players unlocked Amethyst+ without Amethyst. How peculiar! This fix remedies this issue.

  • Amethyst achievement now unlocks if you achieved Amethyst+ via opening Stats screen.
  • If Amethyst+ achievement is unlocked, Amethyst is now also unlocked simultaneously.
  • Weave card is now locked for the Watcher as the second set of unlocks contained a deprecated card. If this was unlocked previously, it will unlock when starting Slay The Spire. Nope, apparently it’s already Foreign Influence.

New Power Icons

The devs have updated the Fasting and Pressure Points power icons with suggestions from the community.

Here you will find the complete list of Slay The Spire Patch 2 Hotfix patch notes. I remind you that Mega Crit Games’ Slay The Spire released on January 2019 for PC, May 2019 for PS4, June 2019 for Switch, and August 2019 for Xbox One.

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