New Splinter Cell Rumors Strengthen, Creative Director is Back

Thoughts of a new Splinter Cell game eventually being released have strengthened with the recent news that Maxime Beland, formerly a creative director on Splinter Cell games, is rejoining Ubisoft after an eight month stint at Epic Games. Beland will be working for Ubisoft’s editorial team as its new vice-president.

There hasn’t been a Splinter Cell game released by Ubisoft since Blacklist, which came out in 2013. Despite fan pleas and more than a few “leaks” coming out about it, nothing has been said from Ubisoft about whether or not another Splinter Cell game will come.

While it’s possible that Beland will once again be made creative director on a new Splinter Cell game, right now that seems fairly distant. Beland did serve as creative director on Splinter Cell Conviction and Splinter Cell Blacklist, but there’s been no indication that he’ll be working on a new Splinter Cell game soon.

Beland’s return to Ubisoft was actually part of a wider restructuring of Ubisoft’s editorial team after numerous disappointments over the past few years, such as The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Both games were sales disappointments, and resulted in the delay of other games like Watch Dogs Legion to ensure quality.

With Beland in charge of the editorial team they will hopefully be able to do more for their games, especially since it’s the editorial team’s job to guide the development of games in development, which it likely failed at with The Division 2 and Breakpoint.

However, there’s always the possibility of a new game being announced at some Ubisoft event in the future. Even if Beland isn’t working on one at the moment, Ubisoft will hopefully realize that Splinter Cell is still popular and that a game in that universe, done well, will still sell.

Either way, we have no other choice but to wait and see.