Dying Light 2 Delay Announced By Techland, No New Date Yet

Techland’s Dying Light 2, originally intended to release in the spring of this year, has been announced today on Twitter to be getting delayed to a future date. However, we currently don’t know what that date will be. The Dying Light 2 delay has come despite the game being announced in 2018.

The game, which takes place in an alternate continuity from the original Dying Light, focuses around players trying to put society back together after humanity lost their war against the undead. Various decisions must be made that will then mold your society in different ways.

Techland has said that they will have more Dying Light 2 delay information in the coming months, but in the meantime have asked for patience from people that were looking forward to the game and reiterated that their priority was to make fun experiences.

While the original Dying Light did have its flaws, it was still a highly popular game that won praise for the size of the city it took place in, the parkour mechanics, and the various weapons that you could come across over the course of it.

Dying Light 2 had a similar reaction, especially given Techland often talked up how much content there was in the game (one developer even said you’d likely have to play through multiple times to see every decision’s result). However, that in itself might have been the cause of the delay.

With so many different decisions and world states that could result from those decisions, the reason for the Dying Light 2 delay might be so that Techland can be sure that all of those different decisions and world states can actually work together.

Plus, if the world is larger than we’ve already seen in other Dying Light 2 gameplay, that may also contribute to it. Regardless, hopefully the delay won’t be too long and Techland can release Dying Light 2 soon without any game-breaking issues.