Best Temtem Techniques / Moves Guide

Temtems are cute monsters that you need to nourish and improve throughout the course of your journey. You can do this using various methods. In this guide, we will be telling you what Techniques are and how to best acquire them along with some of the best, most powerful Temtem techniques and moves you can employ in Competitive Battle.

Best Temtem Techniques

Moves are unique to each Temtem, and according to their type, they will have different abilities at their disposal in order to fight off enemies. These techniques are mostly used to damage enemies in battle or to lower certain stats. Each Technique is classified according to its class which are:

  • Physical
  • Special
  • Status

Physical will deal damage and rely on your Temtem’s ATK stat while Special will rely on SPATK stat. Status attacks work to primarily modify your enemy Temtem’s stats.

If the Move Type compliments the type of your Temtem, the damage will be amplified accordingly.

You can get more details regarding Techniques through our guide discussing Temtem’s Combat.

Getting More Techniques
Temtems will start off with a certain amount of techniques but you can get them other moves that will better complement their stats. A new skill-set can be very easily acquired using the following methods.

Leveling up your Temtem gives them new abilities at certain points. All Temtems will learn new abilities when they get to a certain level.

Courses are items that give certain abilities to Temtem; that is IF they are able to learn it. You will acquire a bunch of these throughout your journey. Through the world of Temtem.

Certain moves are only teachable to certain breeds. Therefore, certain abilities are only acquirable by new-borns and are not obtainable by any of the methods mentioned above.

Best Techniques

Energy Manipulation
Energy manipulation inflicts exhausted on the enemy and deals a considerable amount of damage. If you use this with a Nature-Type Temtem, it will further cause exhaustion for one extra turn. Synergizing this move with a Nature-Type will allow you to get the most out of Energy Manipulation.

  • Type: Mental and Toxic
  • Category: Special
  • Damage: 45 (+15)
  • Stamina: 11
  • Hold: 0
  • Priority: 2

Tornado is a strong Wind-Type move and it becomes one of the STRONGEST moves in the game at 145 power. The Wind Type has only one major weakness and will wreak havoc for literally any other Temtem in battle. The Stamina it consumes can be expensive but the damage it deals is definitely worth it.

  • Type: Wind
  • Category: Special
  • Damage: 145
  • Stamina: 31
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: 3

Frond Whip
Frond Whip is the most powerful Nature attack in Temtem and can be learnt by Taifu, Spriole, Deendre and Cerneaf.

  • Type: Nature
  • Category: Physical
  • Damage: 146
  • Stamina: 28
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: 1

Major Slash
Although Major Slash is a neutral attack and these aren’t entirely favorable in the more competitive fights; its 150 damage rating just cannot be simply over-looked. You can easily learn this move through “Freeing Bandits” side-quest.

  • Type: Neutral
  • Category: Physical
  • Damage: 150
  • Stamina: 33
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: 2

Water type techniques are fast. Flood is a technique that will be working effectively based on how lose the enemy’s Special Defense is. The attack becomes much more devastating if synergized with an Earth Temtem.

  • Type: Water and Earth
  • Category: Status
  • Damage: N/A
  • Stamina: 22
  • Hold: 1
  • Priority: 2

Inner Spirit
This attack is, in our opinion, the most powerful move. It has great attack power which warrants for you to have it for competitive battle.

  • Type: Melee
  • Category: Special
  • Damage: 170
  • Stamina: 23
  • Hold: 2
  • Priority: 2

That’s the gist of techniques that you need to know and all the techniques that we, ourselves would prefer to take into battle with us. Hopefully, this helps you in better modifying your roster’s stance to win future battles easily and efficiently