How to Beat Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Goku’s fight against Majin Vegeta was certainly an emotional arc in the Buu Saga. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has allowed the fans of DBZ to experience the same fight themselves so we decided to show you How to Beat Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

The Majin Vegeta boss fight is as challenging as you would have expected. Vegeta; at this point in time is being controlled by Babidi and under his influence, he is stronger due to his pure evil self being completely unleashed.

How to Beat Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Vegeta is a formidable opponent with high DPS in this state. He will have ranged abilities which will absolutely destroy you if you are unlucky enough to be hit by them.

Majin Vegeta will use attacks like Final Flash, Galick Gun and Energy Blast which are very easily avoidable by simply dashing away.

Initially, avoid trying to get hit by any of Vegeta’s attacks as this small DPS will become a nuisance once Vegeta starts to get more aggressive.

Saving up HP will allow you to sacrifice a little health for extra damage towards the end in your fight with.

Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack is no joke and it will rip you to shreds and set you back in your fight greatly. If Vegeta fires out Big Bang 3 times in a row then you might have difficulty dodging the attack.

If you are unsure that you can dodge these continuous energy blasts; then simply hold the guard button. Blocking a direct hit reduces the damage by a lot, which is obviously better than taking the entire energy blast to your face.

If you do not time your energy attacks then you might end up taking a lot of damage as Vegeta will definitely take the opportunity to deal damage to you as much as he can.

Therefore, it is advised that if and only if Vegeta initiates an energy attack himself, wait it out, and fire one of your own at him as soon as you dodge it.

Follow the above boss fight tips, playing safe, slow and steady will allow you to win the boss battle easily.

Boss Abilities

Final Flash
The Final Flash is huge, and much bigger compared to a Kamehameha. You will receive a red marker that indicates the trajectory of the Final Flash. Get the timing right, or take the strongest attack Majin Vegeta has right to your face.

Galick Gun
The Galick Gun is an attack that even caught the God of Destruction by surprise. This attack is a large purple beam which will surely vaporize your health in an instant if you are not careful enough to dodge it.

Mach Slash
The Mach Slash requires for Vegeta to get close to you and land the hit; if timed correctly you can avoid taking any damage. Vegeta will charge towards you and teleport behind you and then slam you down. Time your dodge correctly.

Ultimate Consecutive Energy Blast
During the boss fight, Vegeta will unleash energy balls at the enemy. Yes, the same attack that has never worked in the anime on anyone. But try not to get over-confident and try dodging this attack either way.

Super Big Bang Attack
Vegeta will release three beams which will explode and cause a lot of damage. If you are too close to Vegeta during this attack, then simply block the attack.

If there is some considerable distance between the two of you, then you can simply dodge the attack by dashing horizontally.

Massive Strike
The Massive Strike is a physical attack where Vegeta will jump to you and knock you down to the ground. Your dodge must be timed to the exact moment Vegeta lands his hit on you in order to dodge this attack.

Majin Vegeta is a decent enough challenge and a reminder of that steaming rivalry between the two Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z. The tension in the boss battle really speaks for itself.