Godfall Leaked Gameplay Ignites the Hype

Godfall is the first confirmed title to release on Playstation 5. Although there is not much official information about the game yet, reddit user claims to have an unreleased trailer from early 2019. He has posted just a small six-second clip out of it.

In the leaked footage, we can easily identify three characters of Godfall. It can be seen that they are fighting with smaller enemies. If we compare the reveal trailer with the leaked clip, the official trailer has smoother gameplay. This could possibly verify that the clip is old, and probably from 2019 as the reddit user claims.

Godfall is a third-person RPG action role play game being published by Gearbox Software. Gamers will progress through the game using melee weapons and a variety of loot. We already know that the game is planned to be revealed in spring 2020. And as the reveal trailer shows in the end, the game will release in winter 2020 with PlayStation 5.

To be honest, the six-second leaked footage of Godfall does not reveal many details about the game, and neither does the official trailer. In fact, they both just raise more questions in our minds. However, the game looks detailed enough to hype us for the upcoming games on PlayStation 5.

The good news is that we might also hear about the details of Godfall next month, as a PlayStation 5 reveal event is rumored to happen in February.

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