We May Be Seeing The Division 2 On Game Pass Soon, Hints Tweet

A recent Twitter exchange from Xbox and Xbox Game Pass in regards to The Division 2 might hint that we’ll be seeing The Division 2 on Game Pass sometime soon. While there’s no guarantee just yet, Xbox has been putting many of its most popular games on Game Pass since the service first launched.

Considering how popular The Division 2 is, it’s no surprise that the game will be coming to Game Pass soon. Game Pass is a good alternative for players to either play a game for a cheaper amount than straight-up buying it, and so could bring more people to the game in general.

Such a move could help to bring a lot of traffic to the game. Phil Spencer has previously said that Xbox Game Pass helped to make Sea of Thieves into the game it is today, where many people took advantage of the low price of Game Pass to start playing Sea of Thieves without wasting money on it.

This helped the game’s popularity to go up by a large amount as many gamers started to play it. The Division, while having a lot more content than Sea of Thieves, might have a similar result. However, there hasn’t been an official announcement about The Division 2 on Game Pass yet.

As another open-world game where partying up with people is encouraged, The Division 2 will most likely find a lot of success on Game Pass despite already having been out for nearly a year at this point. But, if you have three or so friends that you want to rampage around Washington DC with, playing The Division 2 will give you a good time, along with saving you money.

Either way, if Microsoft actually announces that we’ll be getting The Division 2 on Game Pass then hopefully it will find a similar success to so many other games.