Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege DDoS Attackers Face Lawsuit

Ubisoft’s legal team has a lawsuit against alleged Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers in California District Court. The case includes numerous individuals, foreign and some unidentified.

In the preliminary statement of the case, Ubisoft mentions:

Ubisoft seeks to stop an unscrupulous commercial group of hackers and profiteers dedicated to harming Ubisoft’s game sand destroying the R6S player experience for their own personal financial benefit.

Ubisoft has been working hard to provide Rainbow Six Siege gamers a clean experience, free of any criminal activity. Ubisoft states that the individuals are members of an enterprise group which provides lifetime access subscriptions to its members.

Above all, the group uses various domains, websites and aliases including sng.one and r6s.support. The party fellows include people from Nigeria, Germany, Netherlands, and some others who are unknown.

According to Ubisoft, such attacks on Rainbow Six Siege cause great harm to its valuable community players and business interests. Ubisoft has filed the lawsuit under the United States cyber and Californian common laws. Ubisoft requests the court for monetary damages, punitive damages, and injunctions upon attackers.

The objections against these DDoS attackers are; Violation of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 18 U.S.C. §§ 1030 ET SEQ., Violation of California penal code 502, trespass to Chattel, Intentions interference with contractual relations, Unfair competition.

The group used poor techniques to hide their operations. On r6s.support they attached fictional seizure notice on their website. It mentions that the website has been taken down by Microsoft and Ubisoft. They also mock Ubisoft through their twitter accounts.

Recently, Rainbow Six Siege developers have taken important steps to prevent DDoS attacks. It had lowered the number of matches per server from three to just one. Permanent bans were initiated upon malicious users. Penalties were disabled for players who left a DDoS infected match. And most importantly, Ubisoft had started to work upon legal actions.

If Ubisoft does manage to catch these DDoS attackers, it will definitely set an example for others who may then eventually stop doing denial of service attacks.

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