Praetorians HD Remaster Could Release For Google Stadia

The original real-time-strategic Praetorians is being remastered by Torus Games and Pyro Studios for current-generation platforms. The developers, though, are also considering to revitalize the decades-old game, based on the political machinations of an emerging Roman Empire, for Google Stadia.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, publisher Kalypso Media acknowledged the new cloud gaming service from the internet giant as a “great option” and confirmed that work is ongoing to determine the feasibility of releasing the remastered Praetorians on Google Stadia.

We think Google Stadia is a great new option and we are in the process of checking if this is viable for us.

That being said, confirmation of any release plans will have to wait. Praetorians is scheduled to land on PC via Steam next week on January 24. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are slated for somewhere in spring for now. Torus Games and Pyro Studios will likely need time to finish up a Google Stadia version provided that the port is deemed viable. Hence, a guesstimate would put the Google Stadia release somewhere at the end of the year at the earliest.

The remastered Praetorians is powered by Unreal Engine and features higher resolution and better textures than the original, which was released back in 2003. Most importantly, the game will re-active the multiplayer mode. The original Praetorians relied on the now dead GameSpy platform for online lobbies and matchmaking. The remastered version, though, has a built-in multiplayer mode. Hence, making the game functional for online players after a long, long time.

What makes Praetorians different from most real-time-strategy games is that players focus more on military and battlefield tactics than building or resource management. The remastered version will also be the first time that the game lands on any console, allowing fans of the genre to try out some classic skirmishes involving Julius Caesar and what came to be known in history as Caesar’s Civil War.

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