New Praetorians Game In Consideration For The Future

The upcoming remastered version of Praetorians will arrive nearly two decades after the original was released back in 2003. If the stars begin to align, and they already have, the real-time tactical game could possibly receive a sequel in the near future for the next-generation audience.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, publisher Kalypso Media stated that Praetorians “is still a great game today” and hence, felt obliged to jump in for a remaster. As to why not opt for a complete remake, Kalypso Media stated that the publisher “might” consider working on a brand new Praetorians game in the future. Fans have been told to keep an eye out.

The original Praetorians is still a great game today, so we felt it was much more sensible for us to do a remaster and simply tune it up, give it a new lick of paint and entice the next generation of gamers to check it out. We might consider a new Praetorians game sometime in the future though, so keep an eye out.

While not stated by the publisher, it can be safely assumed that any plans for a new installment will rely on how well the remastered version is received. Kalypso Media recently got done with Tropico 6. The return of “El Presidente” went down as the fastest-selling installment in the franchise, generating revenue 50 percent higher than its predecessors. The publisher clearly has a knack for construction, management and political simulators, and if a remastered Praetorians is well received, it would be enough to chalk out a brand new entry.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kalypso Media noted that Google Stadia is also being considered as a platform for the remastered Praetorians. The publisher confirmed that work is ongoing to determine if the cloud gaming service from Google will be viable, but for now, there is definitely an interest to bring the game to Google Stadia.

The remastered Praetorians is powered by Unreal Engine and features higher resolution and better textures than the original, which was released back in 2003. Most importantly, the game will re-active the multiplayer mode. The original Praetorians relied on the now dead GameSpy platform for online lobbies and matchmaking. The remastered version, though, has a built-in multiplayer mode. Hence, making the game functional for online players after a long, long time.

Praetorians is scheduled to land on PC via Steam next week on January 24. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are slated for somewhere in spring for now. Torus Games and Pyro Studios will likely need time to finish up a Google Stadia version provided that the port is deemed viable. Hence, a guesstimate would put the Google Stadia release somewhere at the end of the year at the earliest.

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