New Leak Says Left 4 Dead 3 Development May Be Back On

A recent leak to come from Valve News Network, a YouTube channel and fansite dedicated to keeping tabs on Valve, has said that Left 4 Dead 3 development might be back on. While nothing official has been confirmed yet, for fans of the series the barest hint might be enough for them.

Left 4 Dead popularized the “shoot hordes of fast-moving zombies”-style zombie survival game that multiple games like it have attempted in the past several years. However, much like many Valve games, the series has had issues counting to the number 3.

Various rumors have swirled around in the past claiming that Valve was working on a third entry into the series, but nothing about these has materialized in the following years when they haven’t been officially disproven by Valve.

News about the Left 4 Dead 3 development leak has risen up because of various concept art pieces that VNN claims to be from Left 4 Dead 3 before the game was originally cancelled. However, with all of the news that swirled around the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, VNN claims that Valve might want to make Left 4 Dead 3 a VR title as well.

Such a decision would likely cause something of an uproar among many fans, as VR systems are still very expensive and most gamers don’t really have the space to use one. Left 4 Dead is also primarily a multiplayer-focused game, which would drastically constrict the game’s audience if it were VR.

However, again, we’ve gotten no official word from Valve about the possibility of there being a Left 4 Dead 3 game. While it might happen in the future or be announced at an E3 or some other event, for now there’s no telling if Left 4 Dead 3 development is back on or not.

If it is, and Valve does announce it, hopefully the game won’t be VR-exclusive like Half-Life: Alyx and will instead be on PC and consoles so that everyone can play it.