Planet Zoo Update 1.1.2 Is Live, Various Bug Fixes

Planet Zoo has received Update 1.1.2. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that Planet Zoo Update 1.1.2 has various new bug fixes. Something that stands out is that they fixed a number of crashes due to crowd navigation and they fixed big cats being able to climb tall walls to escape.

Planet Zoo is a management game from Frontier. Set in a huge zoo, players can manage small ecosystems for each of the animal species within the park, gradually improving them by modifying the terrain and adding toys and attractions for animals to have fun and learn. It has a very specific staff design and hiring system, as well as a 3D graphic engine that has a great realism to it. Below you will find the complete list of Planet Zoo Update 1.1.2 patch notes.

Hey Zookeepers! We’re back from our festive break and ready to kick off 2020 with our first Planet Zoo update! Thanks for all of your fantastic support, feedback and patience as we’ve continued to update Planet Zoo. We’ve now released Update 1.1.2, which contains a range of fixes.

  • Fixed a material streaming issue where objects would load in blurred.
  • Fixed a bug where thousands of dung would crash the physics system on loading zoos.
  • Fixed a crash on load of a zoo where the audio system would run out of memory.
  • Fixed Cheetah female and Polar Bear being able to jump into water.
  • Fixed a number of crashes due to crowd navigation.
  • Fixed check boxes for object placement settings responding to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed guests getting trapped by path editing near them.
  • Fixed guests getting stuck on load.
  • Fixed various crowd related crashes.
  • Fixed block of frozen fruit enrichment item unlocking via Galapagos or Giant Tortoise research.
  • Fixed inspectors not visiting zoos.
  • Fixed Mechanics not repairing vandalised items.
  • Improved loading times of zoos with lots of climbable objects.
  • Fixed big cats being able to climb tall walls to escape.
  • Fixed clicking a time line notification about breeding animals.
  • Various localisation and text fixes.
  • Fixed a crash when using object selection shortcuts in the animal info pop up.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling an animal move request at a specific time could cause issues.
  • General bug fixes.

If you encounter any issues please be sure to let the developers know on their Issue Tracker so they can investigate the problems as soon as possible. I remind you that Frontier Developments’ Planet Zoo released on November 5, 2019 for PC.

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