Most PC Gamers In US Not Bothered By Epic Games Exclusives

A consumer study by information-gathering firm SuperData has uncovered a rather surprising fact about the gaming community. Mainly, that most PC gamers in the United States (specifically, 9 out of 10) are not actually bothered by Epic Games exclusives, despite the uproar that the games have caused in the past year.

The Epic Games Store first started up on December 8 and since its reveal has had a large number of different issues as it attempted to find its legs. Not only were there various security issues, the store also got flak for a large number of games that were made to be exclusive on the store.

For many PC gamers who play for the most part on Steam, the Epic Games Store is another different client they have to work with. However, the majority of the kerfuffle has come from various Kickstarter or Triple-A games that were originally slated to come to Steam but were snatched by Epic to fill out their catalogue.

These games, some of the most notable being titles like Metro Exodus, Borderlands 3, Shenmue 3, and Phoenix Point, aren’t permanently exclusive to Steam, but are still going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year. Ashen, a game by A44 that was one of the first Epic Games exclusives, has only recently come out on Steam itself.

Most developers justified themselves on that decision by saying that the money that Epic Games paid them to give their games timed exclusivity on the Epic Games Store would help their studios break even if their games proved not to be popular.

Since many PC gamers have stopped caring about exclusives on the Epic Games Store, the store and the games on it will likely do better commercially now, especially if they’ve been games that have been getting looked forward to.