We Won’t Be Seeing Playstation at E3 2020, Vision Doesn’t Fit E3

One very conspicuous absence from E3 2019 last year was that Sony didn’t hold a press conference, allowing more time for other companies like Bethesda, Microsoft, Nintendo, and more. However, we won’t be seeing Playstation 5 at E3 2020 either. This will once again leave Playstation fans blind to the company’s upcoming games.

Playstation’s stated reason for backing out of E3 2020 was that the direction that the event was taking didn’t match up with the vision that Playstation wanted. E3 has previously stated that they wanted E3 2020 to be more focused on things like YouTubers, influencers, celebrities and “queuetertainment”, rather than making a press event.

Sony’s reasoning for skipping E3 beyond their visions not matching wasn’t elaborated on, but it did bring up its alternative plan, mainly attending an enormous number of other various consumer events in order to advertise new games for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Us not seeing Playstation in E3 2020 is indicative of the various internal struggles that E3’s parent organization, the ESA, is dealing with currently as its members struggle over what they want E3 to be. While some want it to be a fan celebration of video games open to all, others would prefer it remain an industry-exclusive event.

Sony began its domination of the current console generation at E3 back in 2013, where it unveiled the Playstation 4 and its various advantages over the newly-unveiled Xbox One, so having it leave the convention is a big blow to E3.

Of course, it’s unlikely that we won’t be getting to see any of Playstation’s games. If they really are going to all of the different consumer events that they say they are, hopefully we’ll be seeing plenty of Playstation games over that time, both for the Playstation 4 and on the Playstation 5, especially since the latter console will be coming out at the end of this year.