Temtem’s Main Endgame Activity Is Competitive PvP

Temtem features gameplay that has been purposely designed to be far more competitive than what other games within the same genre usually offer. Without having any random elements, every battle in Temtem comes down to skill and understanding of combat mechanics rather than sheer luck. This competitive gameplay package is also what serves as endgame activity.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, game director Guillermo Andrades stated that player-versus-player (PvP) action is something that will keep players engaged once they are done with the main storyline. Temtem is an upcoming massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure. Hence, having a good endgame is vital. Andrades believes that with the current combat system, PvP will be a pretty good way to sink time in.

The main endgame activity is the competitive PvP. One of the main focuses on Temtem is to create a more competitive oriented gameplay removing every bit of RNG and working on having a more balanced meta.

Another reason why PvP will be so important as an endgame activity is because Temtem supports multiple viable builds (and techniques) while having a fairly balanced meta. Andrades noted that every battle will offer more strategic depth and players should know that they will not be able to just breeze through every skirmish. They will need to try something new, make adjustments, seek out new options. It’s what, according to developer Crema, will serve as an excellent endgame activity to keep everyone busy in Temtem.

The whole bit about competitive gameplay is also what differentiates Temtem from Pokemon. Due to the game being a creature-collection adventure, many started comparing Temtem with Pokemon. On that subject, Andrades stated that only some basic gameplay mechanics are inspired by the iconic Nintendo franchise. Everything else is original and made from scratch. That includes all-new creatures, characters, explorable areas and the world, and the storyline. Those coming in from Pokemon will better be able to ascertain that the game is ‘not’ a clone, so to speak.

Besides PvP, the game will also feature some player-versus-environment (PvE) activities that players can try out at their leisure. Crema is looking to add more such content down the road. Hence, expect Temtem to be packed with more activities in the future.

An Arcade Bar (one of the Kickstarter stretch goals, it will feature some mini-games where the user will be able to obtain prizes), Housing, Luma hunting, achievements or an end-game island with several activities like and endless tower battle.

Temtem is scheduled to release for PC on January 21, 2020. Humble Bundle, the thrifty digital storefront is acting as publisher. The game will also be available on Steam though and can be wishlisted here. Those accustomed to couch-gaming will be glad to know that Temtem will have full controller support.

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