New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Coming January 16

A new Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct is coming on Thursday, January 16, and will apparently be a big one. The fifth DLC fighter will be announced then, and people are already guessing at what character it will turn out to be. However we don’t know when said fighter will be released.

There have been a number of different DLC fighters joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate since the game released. These four include Joker from Persona 5, the Hero from Dragon Quest, Banjo and Kazooie from the game of the same name, and Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury. However, the fifth fighter is a mystery so far.

However, some fans do believe that they might have an idea of who will be joining the roster. Some time ago Devil May Cry’s official Twitter account posted a number of dates to look out for this year, including January 16, January 30, and February 16. Considering the date of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, we might be getting a Devil May Cry character in the game.

Devil May Cry, though it hasn’t ever been a Nintendo game before, had the first three games ported to the Nintendo Switch last year, thereby making it some sort of Nintendo game. This means that we might very well be getting Dante in the Smash roster.

Dante and various other characters from the series have already been in various fighting games (Vergil infamously was one of the best characters in Marvel vs Capcom 3) so Super Smash Bros isn’t too much farther of a stretch.

He’s also not the only normally family-unfriendly character to be added, since Bayonetta was added to the Wii U Super Smash Bros game. But then again, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct might unveil a new guest fighter, so who know. Tune in to any Nintendo stream on January 16 at 6 AM, Pacific Time or your regional equivalent to find out.