Slay The Spire Patch 2 Is Out, The Watcher

Slay The Spire has received Patch 2. You can now download this update on PC. You will find that Slay The Spire Patch 2 has loads of new cards, relics, potions, balance changes, bug fixes, improvements, and more. Something that stands out is that they have added a 4th character called The Watcher. Take note that The Watcher comes included with a lot of unique relics.

Slay the Spire is a video game that deals with combining the collectible card games with the roguelike component and the adventures of the role-playing genre. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Slay The Spire Patch 2.

Patch 2.0 is finally here, hooray! This patch brings new cards, relics, potions, balance changes, reworks, bug fixes, performance improvements, and a 4th character. The previous version of the game can still be played by selecting “v1.1 – 2019-17-07” found in the BETAS tab within Steam.

The 4th Character

The Watcher has arrived to evaluate the Spire. She brings her training in the divine stances and a seeing staff to cast judgment upon the wicked Spire spawn. Like the other characters, the Watcher comes with her own set of cards and a handful of unique relics. A huge thanks to all the players who helped test the 4th character on the beta branch. All of your feedback, data, and reading various discussions really helped us test out new ideas and tweak the character rapidly!

Potion Lab

We added many potions this time around so we also created a screen that allows you to view all the potions! This can be found in the Compendium section of the main menu as the Potion Lab. You can even look up the rarities of all the new and existing potions.


In addition to the newly added 4th character (The Watcher), many new relics and potions are also included with this patch.

  • Lots of Watcher cards in Slay The Spire.
  • Watcher only, Starter Relic: Pure Water
  • Watcher only, Common Relic: Damaru
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Relic: Duality
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Relic: Teardrop Locket
  • Watcher only, Rare Relic: Cloak Clasp
  • Watcher only, Rare: Relic Golden Eye
  • Watcher only, Boss Relic: Holy Water
  • Watcher only, Boss Relic: Violet Lotus
  • Watcher only, Shop Relic: Melange
  • Common Relic: Akabeko
  • Common Relic: Ceramic Fish
  • Uncommon Relic: Horn Cleat
  • Uncommon Relic: Ink Bottle
  • Uncommon Relic: Strike Dummy
  • Rare Relic: Tungsten Rod
  • Rare Relic: Captain’s Wheel
  • Boss Relic: Sacred Bark
  • Boss Relic: Slaver’s Collar
  • Ironclad only, Uncommon Potion: Elixir
  • Ironclad only, Rare Potion: Heart of Iron
  • Silent only, Uncommon Potion: Cunning Potion
  • Defect only, Uncommon Potion: Potion of Capacity
  • Defect only, Rare Potion: Essence of Darkness
  • Watcher only, Common Potion: Bottled Miracle
  • Watcher only, Uncommon Potion: Stance Potion
  • Watcher only, Rare Potion: Ambrosia
  • Common Potion: Blessing of the Forge
  • Common Potion: Colorless Potion
  • Uncommon Potion: Distilled Chaos
  • Uncommon Potion: Duplication Potion
  • Uncommon Potion: Liquid Memories
  • Rare Potion: Cultist Potion
  • Watcher completion achievements: Amethyst and Amethyst+

Here you will find the complete list of Slay The Spire Patch 2 patch notes. I remind you that Mega Crit Games’ Slay The Spire released on January 2019 for PC, May 2019 for PS4, June 2019 for Switch, and August 2019 for Xbox One.

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