Microsoft Will Recruit More Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft is taking huge steps for Xbox and how it can shape the industry through its new Xbox Game Studios. This time last year, we’d be talking about a whole different scene in the publisher department. Now, the company is in full speed mode and intends to acquire even more studios to ship first-party titles, according to Phil Spencer.

During a recent interview with Stevivor, Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President at Xbox, talked about the state of Microsoft in gaming right now. He made clear that most, if not all of Xbox Game Studios are hard at work, making great games for Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and PC. However, this isn’t the final form for the department. Spencer claims that Xbox is always open for new recruitments. To top that, he reveals that they want some Asian developers:

“We’ve moved from acquisition mode to execution mode. [We are] sitting here with 15 plus studios working on games. But it’s not about a logo parade, or ‘look at who we acquired this week’, but really about what games [the studios] are going to go build.”

“We’re always open. I liked the geographic diversity that we’ve been growing with our studios. If you look at Asia, we don’t have any first-party studios in Asia. I think that’s an opportunity for us.”

Microsoft did a major “oopsie” not including more of the Asian market to Xbox One and its services like Xbox Game Pass. This is something they want to fix now with franchises like Final Fantasy, Yakuza and Kingdom Hearts becoming a standard for Xbox consoles. An Asian developer team as a new addition to Xbox Game Studios can turn that boat around, for sure.

Spencer also talked about what they’re looking for in a game development team. He claims that Microsoft always wants to see a new storyteller and broaden its library with new adventures. He said:

“I do think that a strong, growing first-party is definitely part of our strategy. I’d love to see us continue to get new storytellers with new points of view into our first-party portfolio.”

Microsoft already has a plan for all its future releases, starting by bringing all first-party releases to the Xbox Series X. With 15 studios, including Halo’s 343 Industries and Hellblade’s Ninja Theory being amongst the Xbox Game Studios ranks, we can’t see a possible scenario where the company’s plans can go wrong.

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