The Weird Case of Famous Twitch Streamer Jenna, Sexual Assault?

A Reddit user Euphiricpup posted a video clip and screenshots of chats of Jenna, the famed Twitch streamer, declaring her to be sexually assaulting a guy in the video, and using racist disgraces towards other viewers.

Jenna is a well-known Twitch streamer, who plays RPG video games, mainly Runescape. Jenna is the only female to achieve a position in the top 100s of the Dead Man Mode Invitational Tournament. She is known for telling her life stories to her viewers.

In the video clip posted on Reddit, Jenna says:

Six full months of the friendzone, one day I just got a crush on him and I don’t know why!, she specified. I ended up kissing him randomly, and he looked at me when I was trying to make out with him, and he said ‘this is weird’ and denied me. She then told the man that she was going to tell her Twitch viewers what happened, which prompted the man to kiss her, and she got her way.

Her words sparked a controversy and caused other people to talk and criticize Jenna. People began to dig out extracts from live stream chats, showing her abuse of words, and being racist to spectators. A Youtuber named OskarLLarsen posted a video, identifying several messages.

After the reaction of people, Jenna then defended herself in Hasan Piker’s live stream:

And he looked at me and said “this is weird! and I was like [shocked], and I rolled over and I crossed my arms and I was like super upset, and I’m like I’m gonna tell my stream! she explained. And he’s like K and he comes over and he kisses me.

Jenna then posted a video on her twitch, in which she asked the guy about that moment:

Did I coerce you into kissing [me] or doing anything you didn’t want? he replied: “no”. “Did you want to kiss me?” she asked. “Yup!” he responded. “Had I friendzoned you previously and denied your advances?” Jenna ended, to which he said yes.

In my opinion, Jenna was talking casually in her stream, and was discussing yet another life story with her fans. The later evidences clear out that no sexual harassment took place, but her acts of being abusive and racist are still to be concerned about.

Contributor at SegmentNext.