Temtem Only Inherits “Some” Basic Pokemon Gameplay, Everything Else Is Original

Temtem is an upcoming massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokemon, but to keep a similar comparison throughout would be a grave injustice. Madrid-based Crema has put in a lot of work to give Temtem its own identity and the developer now wants fans to know the same.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, game director Guillermo Andrades discussed some of the unique elements that differentiates the game from the well-known Pokemon franchise.

To begin with, only some basic gameplay mechanics were taken from Pokemon. Andrades was pretty forefront about everything else in Temtem being original and made from scratch. That includes all-new creatures, characters, explorable areas and the world, and the storyline. Those coming in from Pokemon will better be able to ascertain that the game is ‘not’ a clone, so to speak.

Secondly, one of the biggest focus emphasized by Crema was on the online features. “Temtem is built around having all online features totally integrated in the core experience,” explained Andrades. “From seeing other players around you, to having seamless interactions with them or enjoying the full campaign in real co-op.”

Another area where Temtem differentiates itself from Pokemon is in the battles. They were purposely designed to be more competitive. Some battles will offer more strategic depth as well, and players should know that they will not be able to just breeze through every skirmish. Andrades noted that players must constantly consider newer creatures or techniques in every battle because they will also affect the main storyline.

Battles are more competitive oriented, and this affects the main story too. Since battles are more strategic, in Temtem it is not possible to just complete the campaign with your starter and using just a couple of techniques so players need to constantly think about what’s the better strategy to use in every battle.

Something else that may be overlooked in Temtem is the quality-of-life improvements. These little changes (or updates) go a long way in enhancing the average player-experience. There are items like the surfboard and the hook that are automatically used to navigate specific areas. There’s also a separate pocket in the backpack to highlight recently used items for better inventory management. Andrades assured that Crema is still adding “lots” of quality-of-life changes for overall gameplay improvements.

Temtem is scheduled to release for PC on January 21, 2020. Humble Bundle, the thrifty digital storefront is acting as publisher. The game will also be available on Steam though and can be wishlisted here. Those accustomed to couch-gaming will be glad to know that Temtem will have full controller support.

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