New Half-Life Alyx Screenshots Show the Bad Guys

After the reveal of Half-Life Alyx last November, we finally get to see 9 new screenshots of the game. Tyker McVicker, who runs the Valve News Network (VNN) on Youtube, was allowed to share these screenshots. Tyler got these screenshots from his new source from Valve. Tyler naturally chooses to keep the source anonymous, and not reveal the person’s identity.

The Half-Life series is published and developed majorly by Valve Corporation. There are 3 games released so far; Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. While the previous games have been first person, action shooter titles, the new Half Life is a VR first person shooter game, set in between the first 2 games.

In Half-Life Alyx, you play as Alyx Vance, who prevents alien invasion on earth, and saves humanity. Half-Life Alyx is set to release in March 2020, not for away, and will be first released on PC platform. The game’s designer Greg Coomer said:

We are very focused on the initial release at the moment, with no concrete plans beyond that just yet.

The screenshots represent great graphics fidelity and I would have to say that I am really impressed. The images also do not provide any spoilers related to the story so you can relish the Half Life beauty as much as you can. One of the pictures has been cropped before given out to Tyler because it had some spoilers related to the game.

One interesting bit here to note is that the design of the enemies has been subsequently changed since the last reveal of Half-life Alyx. We can observe in the screenshot that there are two junior and one senior officer, arresting the main character Alyx. In one screenshot, we can see a ‘headcrab’ zombie, with the headcrab being removed, with his belly wide open and blood streaming down from his skulls to the lower body.

In my opinion, it was fair enough to lend out the screenshots, so the public can get to know more about the game’s upcoming release, while Valve Corporation being clever enough not to spoil the game’s story and keeping it a mystery.

While a lot of fans wanted the next Half Life to be Half Life 3, Half-Life Alyx offers some promise. Virtual Reality enthusiasts are definitely excited for it and I am sure that fans will eventually give it a try.

Contributor at SegmentNext.