Sly Cooper TV Series Rights Supposedly Recovered By Playstation

Back in 2017, an animated television series of the Sly Cooper games was announced, with Technicolor Animated Productions producing it, helped by Sony, with distribution by PGS Entertainment. However, it never went anywhere. Now a rumor is going around that the Sly COoper TV series is back on, as Playstation recovered the rights.

The rumor comes from a Facebook exchange between a fan and someone who claims to be a representative from PGS Entertainment. The “representative” claimed that while Playstation had recovered the rights to the series, PGS was no longer working with them. This might mean that, if true, Playstation Productions will be handling production in-house.

We’ve gotten a number of various Sly Cooper-related media rumors and news over the past several years, including one trailer that was supposed to be for an animated Sly Cooper film (which also never went anywhere.) This news about the TV series, if true, could throw fans of the series a bone.

Technicolor Animated Productions is known as the same production studio behind the Sonic Boom cartoon, which despite being based off of an absolutely horrible Sonic game won praise for its writing among other things. The Sly Cooper TV series was supposed to run for 52 episodes, and be animated in the same general art style as the games.

Of course, there are a few things that should make you take this news with a grain of salt. None of this news has actually been confirmed by anything official, and another person that had a similar exchange with the official PGS Facebook page was told the opposite.

Exactly what will be coming from the Sly Cooper TV series news in the future remains to be seen, but hopefully Playstation actually did get the rights back and a Sly Cooper animated series actually will be put into production, but in the meantime there’s nothing we can do but wait.