Sea of Thieves Player Numbers Cross Ten Million Since Launch

Rare and Microsoft have announced that Sea of Thieves player numbers crossed the ten million player mark since it first launched back in 2018. Though the game has gotten a lot of criticism for a lack of content on its original release, it’s apparently picked up steam for most of its players.

Sea of Thieves is an open world sailing game where players can crew a variety of ship sizes and go on quests across the open sea. Players can fight other players for their loot, storm skeleton pirate fortresses for treasure, and kill megalodons and krakens for the ultimate challenge.

As we said above, the game had something of a rocky start on its release. A lack of any real content aside from various fetch-quests, island exploration, and the aforementioned skeleton fortresses caused it to lose many players, though others made their own fun by becoming actual pirates and fighting other players.

The game has since been released on the Xbox One Game Pass and has had a number of various updates and content packs, which all together seem to have made the game more appealing to many players, hence why Sea of Thieves player numbers have reached the ten million mark in just two years.

Joe Neate of Rare, the executive producer on the game, released a statement where he extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone that played Sea of Thieves on behalf of everybody at Rare. The company is helping to continue this trend by regularly updating the game, and who knows what else will come to it in the future?

If you’d like to add to the Sea of Thieves player numbers and pick up the game for yourself, you can play it via the Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox One, or the PC, so you can join up with a crew and sail the high seas yourself.