Nintendo Announces Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Remake

Nintendo held a Direct early today specifically talking about Pokemon, and included not only news of DLC that would be coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield, but also announced a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake that would be coming to the Switch in March. The game’s full title is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a spinoff of the original Pokemon games that places players in the role of a Pokemon themselves. Your character, transported to the world of Pokemon, finds themselves trapped in a Pokemon’s body and partnered up with another Pokemon as part of a Rescue Team.

As a Rescue Team member, it’s your job to go on various missions, rescuing Pokemon, retrieving items, and uncovering the secrets of the stories that the games tell. The original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Red and Blue Rescue Team, came out back in 2006.

The games found a sizable amount of success, and it’s possible that Nintendo has ordered this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake to see if the audience is still there. While Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon came out back in 2015, there hasn’t been a game since then.

However, we only really got a trailer for the game in the Direct. While we did see a few new things, including a revamped art style and cutscenes, along with a bit of gameplay, there’s still a lot of the new incarnation that we haven’t seen yet.

Since the game is coming out in March, Nintendo might show off new trailers to promote it further, but Pokemon Mystery Dungeon veterans might be looking forward to see how such an old game has changed in the long run.

Once again, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX will be coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 6. You can watch the trailer shown during the Direct by following this link.