Xbox Series X Ports Shown In First Picture Are Not Real, Says Phil Spencer

Though the Xbox Series X has gotten a picture released of it since its official unveiling at 2019’s Game Awards show, now Xbox boss Phil Spencer has exposed the picture as inaccurate. The picture’s Xbox Series X ports, according to him, aren’t actually true to the actual console’s own ports.

The Xbox Series X has a rather interesting design in that its design is vertical, rather than horizontal like the Xbox One. Its various ports are still at the back, and run the gamut of various ones including power cord housings, HDMI ports, and more.

However, at the AMD conference where the console was shown off even more, the company apparently used an inaccurate picture, according to Phil Spencer. According to an official statement from Microsoft, the picture that AMD used at its conference was not sourced from Microsoft and doesn’t accurately represent the Xbox Series X’s design.

According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox Series X ports visible in the AMD render of the console are missing things like alternate display ports, including VGI (Virtual Graphics Interface) and DVA (Digital Video Adapter).

These other options would be included in order to help players get the Xbox Series X to live up to its full potential, which included things like 8K resolution and 120 frames-per-second gameplay. However, this is all speculation, since we don’t actually know what the ports look like.

While we did get a picture of the console at the Game Awards, we didn’t get a look at what the actual back of the console, where all of the Xbox Series X ports would actually be, looked like. We’ll probably get more at the actual press event that will show off the console’s capabilities.

If the console actually is as powerful as Microsoft says it is, then the tide of the console war might shift in Microsoft’s favor once again after seven years of Playstation dominance. The Xbox Series X is slated to be coming out sometime in the holiday of this year.