This Unofficial Mafia 2 Remaster is Worth a Shot

A Mafia 2 mod that dramatically improves the aged game’s visuals is now available for download, according to a recently-released video from YouTuber QTModz. The mod essentially makes the game into an unofficial Mafia 2 remaster with the help of of improved textures, lighting, and even a new weather cycle for the game.

Mafia 2 originally came out for the Xbox 360 back in 2011, but considering it’s been almost a decade since then, graphics have improved a great deal during that time. This is especially true for the PC version of the game, which is obviously what these mods are for.

The unofficial Mafia 2 remaster that the mod creates, titled the “Old Time Reality” mod, has been brought about through weather adjustments, new textures for things like pavement, grass, dirt, and other vegetation, new street lights, sun flares, car coronas, new interior and exterior lighting, and even adds in anti-aliasing.

While it doesn’t bring it up to the same level as Mafia 3, the most recent of the Mafia games, it still does a lot to bring up the visuals and make the game look better in general, even if you can only bring the game’s visuals up on the PC instead of other platforms.

In case you’re wondering what the mod actually looks like, QTModz posted a video that showed off at least a general walkaround of one of the game’s environments, showing off the various lighting changes on both the inside and outside, textures, and weather. You can find the video by following this link.

The Mafia 2 remaster mod doesn’t just mess with visuals, either. According to its description the mod gives weapons more ammo, gives players the ability to collect more ammo, changes the camera’s angles and field of view, makes players more durable, and scatters police in a more random fashion.

You can follow this link to download the mod for yourself.