Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Update 1.33 Released, Optimized Game Performance

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare has received Update 1.33. You can now download this update on PC (Steam). You will find that Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Update 1.33 is quite a small update, as it only has two adjustments and three optimizations. Something that stands out is that they optimized the game performance and improved the frame rate during the battle.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare was made to make war. In this game players become the leaders of a guerrilla and, as commanders, it is your mission to manage your resources while shaping an unstoppable army. Below you will find the complete list of Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Update 1.33 patch notes.

  • Optimized game’s support for a mod to start mod more quickly.
  • Optimized the game performance, improved the frame rate during the battle, made the screen and operation more smooth.
  • Optimized the soldiers’ visual field in battle. If hiding behind trees, bushes, and stones, now for AI more challenging to find a player.
  • Adjusted the way of using simple and smoke grenades for soldiers, so that AI can use them more quickly and effectively, and made more durable use of medkits.
  • Adjusted the data of Uman Terrorists and Uman Milita to increase the difficulty of attacking them slightly.

Players who dive into the battle of Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare will find two very different scenarios. On the one hand you find the world map, the section of the game where you are dedicated to managing your money, visiting new places, improving your equipment and accepting missions.

On the other hand, you find the proper action section. With a first-person perspective, the player will fight as a soldier while he is in charge of leading the rest towards victory by issuing orders. However, you will not be able to neglect your achievements. Players will also have to watch over the conquered territories, while charging against their enemies.

In this way, your army will gradually begin to dominate the world little by little until you become the owners and lords. I remind you that KK Game Studio’s Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare released on February 1, 2018 for PC.

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