Weird Bloodborne Bug Can Undress NPCs

A somewhat dangerous bug in Bloodborne happened to a player recently, with some rather weird consequences. Apparently, there’s a sequence of actions that you can do in-game that result in NPC getting undressed. The bug is unstable and can cause malfunctions, so we advise you to not try this.

Twitter user anatoliaknight posted about a weird Bloodborne bug happening to him, where NPCs would get undressed to a certain point when some criteria were met. He posted two pictures of this happening on two separate occasions.

To achieve the undressing Bloodborne bug, the player had to fill his inventory and warehouse. Another user commented on the player’s post saying that this bug happens in a forbidden area, restricted due to this occurrence. He/she said (machine translation):

I’m sorry from outside FF. After all there was a forbidden area, the reason for being forbidden was this … (reconfirmation) I want to know the state of undressing MAX in detail. Are the items all items that you can have multiple items? Does warehouse include weapons? Do you see Ao-san already when this happens?

Even though the glitch is fun to watch, it is dangerous to your game as well. According to the player, the bug is prone to errors and may affect your save and overall experience in Bloodborne.

Overall, Bloodborne is full of hidden areas that are forbidden to players and contain unreleased monsters, bosses and more. This seems to be another case of that happening, although there’s not much to go around besides that.

In related Bloodborne news, Sony World Wide Studio President, Shuhei Yoshida has┬árecently visited From Software, a move that is unlikely to happen if not for an ulterior motive. As a result, fans are speculating that a sequel might be in development, destined for Playstation 5. There’s no confirmation by Sony and there might never be one, although one can always dream.

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