Top Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Player Defends Tbagging

Teabagging is a well-known practice across many genres of gaming, and now most recently a Mortal Kombat 11 pro player (and general champion fighting game player SonicFox) has taken to defending the practice as efficient to use in competitive play. According to him, it keeps opponents off balance during a match.

SonicFox has earned his champion status, repeatedly placing highly or outright winning various fighting game tournaments including EVO. While some may take something like teabagging as an immature thing to do, many fighting game players are willing to seize any advantage to come out ahead of their opponents in a match.

Teabagging is normally done as a humiliation move where players make their characters crouch either over the defeated body of an opponent or even during fights as a taunt move. While a common practice, many people think of it these days as immature and unsportsmanlike.

SonicFox’s reasoning for using it in Mortal Kombat 11 is that he uses it to make his opponent get angry or just crack and become prone to making mistakes. He refers to it as “dirty, but efficient”, so at least he’s aware of the divided reputation it has in the fighting game community.

Considering even the fighting game community has its own terrible elements (such as the Melee community, who claim Melee is the best game simply to take advantage of its various advantageous glitches), it’s no surprise that there’s debate over teabagging, but it likely spreads beyond just Mortal Kombat 11.

Thankfully, many fighting game tournaments such as EVO have rules about sportsmanlike conduct, but until they say something about whether or not teabagging is unsportsmanlike, SonicFox and pretty much any other player that ends up using teabagging in a fight can still use it.

Either way, fighting game communities are always going to have debates over things that are sportsmanlike or not, and teabagging is only the most recent thing to come into debate.