Stalker 2 Looks To Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Following two cancellations in the past decade, Stalker 2 was officially announced (again) a couple of years back for a potential release somewhere in 2021. It was heavily implied at the time that the long-awaited sequel would be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and that Stalker 2 was announced fairly early in order to find a publisher. Those implications are now coming true.

Earlier today, GSC Game World announced that the in-development sequel would be using Unreal Engine 4 in order to making modding easier for players. “Unreal Engine harmonizes well with our goal to make modding more easy and accessible,” stated the developer, as well as thanking Epic for extending support — “new year surprise” — to both the developers and players.

The carried notion suggests that Stalker 2 has indeed found a publisher in the form of the Fortnite creator, which in turn would mean an exclusivity agreement for the Epic Games Store. That being said, GSC Game World has assured that the confirmation of Unreal Engine 4 has nothing to do with platforms or digital stores. The developer has asked for more time before relaying details about any exclusive releases to the public.

Suffice to say, a timed exclusivity period on the Epic Games Store looks imminent. Stalker 2 will probably release first on Epic’s digital marketplace before landing on others like Steam about a year or six months later. That too if GSC Game World decides against surrendering to a fully exclusive release on Epic Games Store.

Next to nothing is currently known about Stalker 2 except that the sequel promises to deliver an original open-world similar to the original game. Unreal Engine 4 would be a blessing here, allowing players to further evolve the open-world with plenty of beautiful and constructive mods.

Several months back, a rumor surfaced online that Stalker 2 would be online-only. The fan-base naturally wasn’t happy but seeing how GSC Game World is keeping everyone in the dark, Stalker 2 is possibly still in early development and hence, too early to grab pitchforks for a rumored online-only gameplay design.

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