New DualShock Patent Adds Two Additional Triggers

Sony continues to find different ways that will help evolve the present DualShock controller for varied next-generation functionalities and support.

Last week, the PlayStation company received approval (via Bleeding Cool) for another patent that adds two new triggers on the back of the existing controller. Based on the attached schematics, the new triggers are located below and behind the current ones and designed to be used by your middle fingers. In addition, the new triggers appear to be fully programmable, meaning that they can perform the same functions of other buttons on the controller if needed.

Except for the new triggers, the patented DualShock controller remains similar to the present DualShock 4 with the same layout, directional pad, and analog sticks. The only thing different on the front is the absence of the PlayStation button.

The patent doesn’t say which PlayStation console this new controller is designed for. Considering that the patent mentions a micro-USB on the top of the controller, it’s probably for a new DualShock 4 iteration since DualShock 5 features a USB-C port instead. That being said, patented technologies are never guaranteed to be made.

Speaking of triggers, the new DualShock 5 will feature new adaptive triggers that will offer varying levels of resistance. Whether you’re pulling an arrow on a bow or firing a machine gun in a trench, the tension in the adaptive triggers will differ in each case. Sony believes that once you’re accustomed, you’ll actually be able to differentiate between weapons just by how the adaptive triggers feel. In addition, highly programmable voice-coil actuators have been fitted into the left and right grips of the controller for an improved haptic feedback, which will respond to every in-game action for what Sony calls “astonishing effects” on PlayStation 5.

Sony has patented a couple of other DualShock controllers as well in the past few months. Most recently, the company patented a multifunctional controller that can be connected to other devices such as a console, smart television set, or smartphone with either an internet connection or bluetooth. The built-in touchscreen from Sony then allows the user to access features like listening to music, checking emails, sending messages, downloading and playing games, viewing images, and other social activities.

With PlayStation 5 set to launch in the holiday season of 2020, Sony should be be revealing its next-generation console soon. It can only be ascertained then as to what features DualShock 5 (or any varied models) will support.

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