You Must “Wait A Little Bit Longer” For Destiny 3

Bungie may have already started work on Destiny 3 but a commitment to bettering the present, second installment remains the main focus.

While speaking with PCGamesN in a recent interview, community manager David “DeeJ” Dague was asked how long will Bungie take before moving on to a sequel. He assured that the developer will continue to stick with Destiny 2 for the next year seeing how players are expecting the upcoming seasonal content to be “interesting” and engaging.

That being said, Bungie does have “a lot of cool stuff” to say about the future and that revolves completely around Destiny 3. However, that announcement or reveal will have to wait. Dague refrained from mentioning any specific time frame but from his wording, Bungie may start talking about a sequel in 2021.

I understand the question you’re asking and it’s certainly an interesting one, and we’ll have a lot of cool stuff to say on that [Destiny 3] later, but I’m afraid that moment will have to wait a little bit longer.

Suffice to say, the franchise will eventually get a sequel and on next-generation platforms. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are both pegged to launch in the holiday season of 2020. Could Bungie make Destiny 3 official by then? The possibility does exist since the developer will have an excellent opportunity to reach out at a time when everyone will be lining up to decide between either of the two next-generation consoles.

Last week, Bungie released update 2.70 to bring in the new season, the Season of Dawn, for Destiny 2. The new content serves as a direct continuation of the storyline that began in the previous season, the Season of Undying. Hence, the new season still focuses around the Vex and taking the Guardians back to Mercury to once again deal with the threat. Joining the Guardians in the fight will be the famous Titan Saint-14, whose helmet Titans can acquire and wear.

Those who are currently using or are interested in trying out Google Stadia must know that they can get Destiny 2: The Collection. The bundle includes the base game and every post-release expansion pack up to Shadowkeep. Unfortunately, the collection will have no cross-play functionality with other platforms. Bungie may come around to add the feature down the road but for the time being, Google Stadia sits on the fence with its Destiny 2 bundle.