Cities Skylines 2 Will Let You Make Countries According to Rumor

When it comes to city building games, there is one title that stands above the rest. Cities Skylines has established its name as a classic when it comes to the strategy genre and a new rumor suggests that Cities Skylines 2 is happening. To top that, the sequel will supposedly let you build entire countries with multiple cities in them.

The rumor surfaced on Reddit recently, with a big chunk of information about the gameplay of Cities Skylines 2.

If the post is to be believed then the sequel will let you build multiple cities on a map. On that end, map will be three times bigger than the original and will let you create districts This will be the first time for such a game to reach that scale of immersion and with the number of options the first title had, it’s hard to fathom how the new game won’t suffer from performance issues.

The most interesting part of the post though is the claims that a new mode is included, called Country Mode. In it, you’ll be able to create and manage several different cities. It doesn’t stop there though.

Supposedly, you’ll be able to trade between other countries run by AI, name your country, assign your capital city, create a flag and more. Adding another layer of replayability, Cities Skylines 2 is rumored to have regions for your cities, letting you choose between European, American, middle eastern and Asian themes for your buildings.

New buildings include petrol stations, shopping malls and parking lots.

Another mode to release with Cities Skylines 2 is supposedly an Expert Mode which has cooldown times on building structures. This feels like a long shot for a game like Cities Skylines, making it feel more like a mobile game than a full-fledged PC title.

Could Colossal Order be working on a mobile title too and test the feature for that version? This wouldn’t be a far fetched scenario.

The community of Cities Skylines has been incredibly active since the first game’s release.

The development team is committed to keep the best workshop modes for the sequel too. This is one more reason to look forward to the possibility of a new game with bigger maps and more options.

For now, the aforementioned information is nothing but a rumor so take everything we just said with a grain of salt. If what is said is true then Cities Skylines will release late 2020.